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Art for All
Let your walls do the talking

av Fotografiska och Fantastic Frank

Konst för alla. Alla för konst. Fotografiska vill tillsammans med Fantastic Frank inspirera till ett samhälle där konsten har en självklar plats i hemmet. För alla. Art for All är ett samarbete där vi utforskar hur fotokonsten tar plats på väggarna och låter dem säga sitt, vem du än är. Genom att lyfta fram handplockad fotografisk konst från Fotografiska Edition visar Fantastic Frank med enkel styling hur du kan skapa en personlig identitet i din interiör. 

5: Colour


”Bold color choices, mixed materials and numerous different shapes made this apartment very inspiring to work with” – Mikael Lundblad, photographer


”I wanted to show the materials that reflected the surrounding environment by using different woods, ceramics and foliage. The pure and warm light shined on the artwork” – Katia Thöger, interior stylist


”The flat was connected to a typical Södermalm courtyard surrounded by mustard and terracotta toned buildings. I wanted to emphasize the nuances of Sofo by bringing the colors inside” – Katia Thöger, interior stylist


”The meeting between the colors in the photographs and the deep wall nuance appealed greatly to me” – Ulrika Nihlén, photographer


Mikael Lundblad, photographer

4: Silence


”When I turned all lights off a totally new light occurred” – Mikael Lundblad, photographer


”Since the weather was pending between cloudy and sunny we constantly kept an eye on the sky. The feeling of the image kept changing depending on the camera angle and the momentary light” – Cristian Lind, interior stylist


”I am not a big fan of centering pieces on the wall. I always try to hang them offset and in relation to other objects in order to let one side breathe a little” – Katia Thöger, interior stylist


”I always try to build a story about the apartment which should be both unique and playful. In this specific case the owners own style provided a great framework and starting point” – Katia Thöger, interior stylist


”To constantly meet new challenges, work creatively and get to know new people are the biggest benefits of my job” – Cristian Lind, interior stylist

3: Room


” I like that the frame is not placed in the middle. It doesn´t form a symmetry with the doors” – Ulrika Nihlén, photographer


”This picture is very much about graphic forms and lines. The table and the bench; two rectangles inside one another, the frame that is following the same form and finally the angle of the lamp forming a disruptive diagonal line” – Mikael Lundblad, photographer


”A deliberate layout and great light are great resources when you want to create inspiring results” – Mikael Lundblad, photographer


”I wanted to capture both the bright light flooding the space and the depth created by the sequence of rooms” – Mikael Lundblad, photographer


”Ignore trends, instead, try to find your own personal style” – Cristian Lind, interior stylist

2: Stileben


”To hang this piece we used velcro sticker strips. The stripes can hold up to 5 kg and will come straight off the wall afterwards without leaving any mark” – Katia Thöger, interior stylist


”In my storage at home I found my grandpas old vase. It had so much detailing and invoked memories from the past. I knew it was the perfect object for conveying the story of this apartment” – Katia Thöger, interior stylist


”Instead of hanging art all over the apartment I focused on the living room and the kitchen. The bedroom already had a really nice wall color and did not need anything more” – Linnéa Salmén, interior stylist


”I wanted to elaborate on taking the shot with a tighter angle and in a landscape format which I found worked perfectly well for this particular group of arranged objects” – Mikael Lundblad, photographer


”Calmness paired with extraordinary luxury. That is how I summarise this image. The soft tones and the contemplative light create a relaxed atmosphere and constitute dream conditions for a photographer” – Mikael Lundblad, photographer

1: Höstsalongen


”The monochrome tones, the sleek graphical lines and the high contrast created a beautiful context for the black and white Fotografiska piece” – Katia Thöger, interior stylist


”Orange - my favorite color! This apartment had exactly the right feeling, a neutral base combined with a thoughtful use of materials, sculptural pieces of furniture and vivid bursts of orange” – Katia Thöger, interior stylist


”We treated the photographs like independent object, allowing them to speak for themselves” – Mikael Lundblad, photographer


”I love the Scandinavian tones both in nature and design and in this particular image I like that what´s on the table is repeated in the art” – Mikael Lundblad, photographer


”The kitchen wall was the perfect background for the piece. The structure of the tiles made the work stand out as a disruption in contrast to the repetitive linear backdrop” – Katia Thöger, interior stylist